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Monday, December 10, 2012

Gardening is not a rational act - things that did not go well in 2012

Wild weather

  • Drought: there was not much rain and certainly high temperatures. The water bill was high even with a drip system.
  • Drip system installed. Had pressure issues and plugged hoses. Drip system saved the containers, though, while we were away for 3 weeks in June.
  • Broccoli did not head. Cauliflower headed in late October. 
  • Strawberries flowered and fruited three times! They were confused.
  • Raspberries also confused.

Rodents of unusual cuteness

  • Chipmunks ate young brassicas and undercut one of the tomato beds leading to premature demise. Too bad, our resident Cooper's hawk (picture) wasn't hunting them.  In further insult, our friends who were gifted with extra tomato plants had bumper harvests. Rats!

Japanese beetles: I won the war this time by going out morning and night and capturing and killing all that I could find on my cherry trees. Last year, they defoliated them. This year, I claim victory!

Beauty acquired: I scored white tulips at a clearance bin!

Peppers galore! Freezer full of hot and not-so-hot peppers.

Potatoes: Two years of unsuccessful harvest. The container method is not working. Where are the 100's of pounds of potatoes from a bin? We barely get seeds back out.

Sunflowers rocked!

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