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Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Goals 2011

In no particular order:

  • expand garden beds on northern fence (approximately six 4' raised beds) -- completed

  • double dig the new beds (borrow tiller from Harry?) -- decided to use lasagna method

  • use old compost "pyramid" to cultivate potatoes -- check. seed potatoes are sprouting.

  • plant container blueberry bush (and new ones) in northwest corner -- completed

  • add raspberry and blackberry canes using esplanier method (trellis trained)

  • add dwarf fruit trees esplanier method (maybe apricot/peach/cherry) along north fence

  • strawberry bed -- three different varieties. straw placed in bed to protect plants from spring chilliness

  • add perennial flowering herbs to side yard (north side)

  • check asparagus patch -- asparagus is up. thinking of buying more male plants - more plants bought, need to dig them in.

  • construct raised bed boxs (4'x4') for old and new beds. -- completed. have 5 4'x4' and 5 6'x4' beds

  • use slow watering techniques (2L pop bottles) -- installed in tomato and strawberry beds

  • set up soaker hose in new beds -- not sure if this is viable using the existing hose and new beds.

  • rain water catchment on northeast corner of house to water new beds

  • wildflower bed - long stemmed for flower arrangements -- seeded.

  • rabbit proof yard -- dog fur along openings check.

  • basement - set up indoor growing site for seedlings -- yes. done. still have some things downstairs - green onions, yellow squash

  • early tomatoes? -- probably not.

  • supplies for row coverings (PVC pipe and clear plastic ) -- check.

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